Future Education


Future education Trust has been established to encourage the younger generation for learning inidividuals by warm, friendly and supportive environment. Keeping in view the glorious prospective visuallized by our trustee, well-wisher and educationists formed this organisation.

To provide every individual with a conductive environment suitable to achieve his/her career/goal, with a strong emphasis on personality development and to offer the academically inclined resources to gain quality education in all spheres of Information Technology, Education, Management and life Science.
The trust is helping to meritorious students to evaluate the level of knowledge and skill of the student in subject of Mathematics and Science. The evaluation is being done through national level All India Scholarship Engineering/Medical Evaluation Exam.


Our effort is only for advancing the science of consiousness and human experience to serve individual and collective transformation . To provide path , guidance and assistance to students for making them technically complete professional with quality education.


To encourage and equip students to grow Internally , Live spiritually and serve Effectively. We focus in enhancing ones career and make their life to be satisfied by means of getting them the right opportunities.

Main Activities:

Future Education Trust provides timely reliable Career Counselling Admission Guidance & Admission Assistance to the students through awareness campaigning & organizing seminar cum group Career Counselling about the future scope of various Career as well as participating Social welfare & rural development programmer.

Our Trust organize cultural events in rural area for awareness of Technical & Professional educaiton. We care the students from admission to placement and provide individual response in education loan to needy students.


Social Activities

Future Education Trust is a trust description that si often usedto explain matters of great socail concern that affect human lives laocally and that are sharedamong diverse human societies within our gloabal community.
Future Education trust of Bokaro do several social activities. The trust has been formed to serve the students. The organisation provides right information, career, guidance and admission assistance to the students. As we know the root of socal reform is education. A Bright career based education can charge not only a person's life but the whole connecting family society. In this view we are promoting education and doing awareness to the expecitng students and parents.

As we see that the max no.s of students are living in rural areas. There is lack of inforamtion sources, they can not be updated their information right time. sometimes the student is very intelligent but they are not aware about their future plan. Sometimes they face finacial crisis. In session 2016-2017. we are organising a scholoarship to provide prog. through which students can get financial support . We will provide scholarships to more than 50 poor boys and girls students, who are uanble to pursue their higher study due to monetary problem. The scholarhip Evaluation Examination are conducted to pick the best talents. In this way they will be motivated to do their higher, technical or professional study towards their bright future.

The future education trust is also involved in other social activities like distributing necessary goods to poor people, school uniforms, books, bags etc to students, blankets, cloth, winterunable to present thir talents. Encourage thee students towards the education for better studetns without any cost to select appropriiate path for their bright future
The Awareness camps/Seminars are being organised in differnent locations continuously for the promotion of spiritual, physical, mental, educational and cultural development and upliftment of adult and children of all ages without any distinciton of caste, creed or religion and in the interest of manking in general.


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